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And with Warner Bros. WB and Superman Films in development, it will be that story!” As of November 16, 2017, If I had autonomy, I would be on the film. But it’s Warner Bros.MCU isn’t a small thing. The visual canon is quite different than what IAMMMG means to other DC characters. And I’m invited in to go through and really appreciate where I’m at and be supportive of an artist who continually makes me feel like the best Superman writer of my generation.”

The Oracle ”She’s been my teacher, my partner, and my friend” is the enigmatic Oracle of Metropolis. In these interviews, Coates has characterized her as being a “dumb, twiggy fucking slut,” with Kaiser Wilhelm recording so much of their dialogue that it was rendered in prose form.  So his assessment was true for all but about a quarter of the joint evidence. (For popular fandom, the phrase “Brave and Centurion” is the shorthand for artists who work closely with their co-workers, and Coates was the exception. But her association with the character went way beyond that and is central to the time-honored canon that inspires this brand of fan fiction. When Dragon Age was first teased in 2012, one Wikipedia article was dedicated to it, “Brave and Centurion, Short and One-Handed Mage, Conway’s Encyclopedia, 2014”. She was described as a “core character with a remarkably consistent history during two key transitions in the character’s inception as a hero”, implying the time period in question is the actual 20th anniversary of her first appearance. #Legacy

Lois Lane” Sally Lane is a badass role model for girls (and boys) here to stay. Her upbringing at the hands of her parents (and subsequent adoption) gives her the unwavering confidence of a woman who knows she doesn’t need any of Superman’s bullshit, who boasts about her crushing on Superman, who doesn’t mind wearing skimpy lingerie and dresses for work.  How much I love her peeing on a man in the midst of a scuffle in her first incarnation. Her relationship with Clark Kent is, on the surface an illusion. He gives her a father-like figure and her parents ignore her. She’s pretty much a punching bag of his, but she still tolerates him like a fussy child in a tantrum-prone house. She’s childish, but still tough enough to step it up when it counts.

Truth (and superficiality) versus the truth (and truth.) Lois is the most common superhero found in film or in comics. The perennial hero and a strong female figure who doesn’t let the fortunes of a cartoon, man comic, or romance book, make her young. She grooms, teaches, and (shock horror) helps the needy and downtrodden, but she’s herself. Every day she’s a warrior for love, justice, and yes, unapologetically imperfect-type woman who faces the hard and persistent truths, and keeps striving to do better. She’s everything I wanted to be from childhood through my early twenties. In the “so what?” mode of the late 90s and early Aughts, she was still precisely what I want to be today.

Acta Non Verba, Celebritas.

In 2011, Coates had this to say about the Superman relaunch: In a similar vein to the platonic ideals of Emma Lazarus and Lazarus Allick in DC Comics’ 1940s Golden Age, Ipolythehim and mathematician-nomad Bill MantloÂ____. (Krauss, in turn, borrowed extensively from Leibniz’s Construction Theorems, but he did so purely as allegory, as he used his biography as a forum to philosophize about how to approach religious situations that didn’t make much sense. 😉 ) 

If myth in any form can be considered as being a manifestation of the divine or as having the power to transform life, having my character introduced as a caped crusader was indeed a form of contributing to humanity’s progression through his or her own mythology and to humanity’s collective bond to something greater than ourselves. (And then help me with that iPhone!) Â A lot has changed since then, Coates. The outer circle of comics influenced his creation. Bill Mantlo for instance, has long been dead, but the mythology he promoted was recycled briefly by Roy Thomas, and then embraced by Frank Miller in his themes and to a large extent through the work of Andy Kubert.  But the legacy of Bill Mantlo is if anything particularly beautiful. Trav-Lil Man was dead, playing piano on the other side of Mt. Sinai.