It could be “The End” for Spider-Man for Tom Holland

I don’t have a big impact. I’m a supporting character, which was very cool. But I like talking to people and I like what I do. I’m not in it to get as much as I can and I’ve just said that. But I would very much love to come back one more time in a film and fight alongside Marvel characters. I don’t know yet if that puts me in the shoes of being in Civil War 2 or when the next Spider-Man comes. They said, “Well, the next one is going to be directed by Jon Watts for Sony” but I don’t know. They are trying to figure out who they want as Spider-Man.

In the full interview, Holland discusses Tom Hiddleston’s recent comments concerning the possibility of Civil War 2.

I’m not going to comment on him because I haven’t seen the movie, but he did [say] we should consider going into the anti-registration side of things. I was supposed to play that, but those were the conversations that were being had at the time. Now we have another guy that’ll be in this. So I think there are other ways to tackled it. Uncle Ben is notable for two things. One is, he was an evil messiah at some point. Second is, MI13 was giving him uniforms.

Tom Holland’s most recent presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came with his spectacular cameo in Captain America: Civil War. The role also featured fellow young actor Robert Downey Jr. Holland initially had tweeted about the possibility of his character being cast in Civil War before confirming his appearance.

Marvel Studios have been keen to avoid the American public being cast in this Civil War as they are unsure how the world will react to Stark taking his videos back to Germany. The new question may be: who do you see at the forefront of the peace talks?

Spider-Man: Homecoming looks set to arrive on Digital HD and Blu-ray this Summer ahead of a home video release in 2017, just next month.