Interview with Nick Defina

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By John L. Daniels, Jr.
Published: 2007-06-27

I want to thank Nick Defina, founder and chairman of Septagon Studios, for taking the time to answer questions about Septagon Studios’ new title Scorn.  —John Daniels Jr.

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John Daniels: Could you give the readers a little background about your company Septagon Studios?

Nick Defina Septagon Studios was founded in early 2003 by me and my two cousins. The co-creators of Septagon Studios include Philip Defina who is the Vice President and Art Director and Domenic Defina the Art Consultant. In 2005 Septagon Studios became a corporation.

We spent a great amount of time focusing on various ideas and coming up with unique concepts to get Septagon Studios where it is today. We are always learning and studying on how we could push the envelope and take it even further. At Septagon studios we put emphasis on Imagination, and Creativity. We want Septagon Studios to be a company with limitless opportunities.

Septagon Studios combines comic book publishing with various creator services. We plan to offer production services to our creators. We also plan on creating various marketing strategies per book so that each title gets its deserved attention. Some other services we offer include solicitations, advertising, press release writing, and related promotional efforts. We are working towards a gradual expansion to select countries, thus allowing more exposure for our titles and creators.

“We envision Scorn on many different levels… I see Scorn as a mainstream title in the independent market.”
— Nick Defina

JD: How is the comic book industry in Canada compared to the United States?

ND: The comic book industry in Canada has had its problems in the past. Publishers have fallen due to various implications. As for competition I’d say it is high. There is a great amount of Canadian publishers that are well established and have built a solid readership through the years. The convention season in Canada is amazing with some big events including the Paradise Comiccon, Fan Expo, Anime North, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Montréal’s Amazing convention and Vancouver’s Pop Culture Collectibles Fair. There is also a tremendous fan base of comic book readers and collectors in Canada; it’s a fun time especially with the booming economy.

JD: What other genres are Septagon Studios producing?

ND: We plan to publish all genres beyond the bracket of superhero titles. We want to bring new innovative ideas and concepts to the industry. We encourage creators to submit creative and original works whether it is a great story or a great artistic masterpiece. We want creators to be free and limitless. Our door is always open for those who want to experiment and break boundaries.

JD: Are they going to be other titles available soon from Septagon studios?

ND: We have a variety of titles and great projects that will be coming out of Septagon Studios. We have a lot of stuff happening here at Septagon but at the moment we can’t divulge any secrets.

JD: What is your goal for Septagon Studios?

ND: One of our main goals that we would like to achieve with Septagon Studios is to be recognized as a great independent publishing company. We hope to become one of Canada’s top comic book publishing companies within the next few years.

JD: Do you have any collaborative projects with other studios in- or outside of Canada?

ND: Currently we do not have any collaborated projects. However we would like to pair ourselves with some very important individuals and some outstanding companies in the near future.

JD: As President of Septagon studios, do you envision Scorn as just an “indie” or mainstream?

ND: We envision Scorn on many different levels. If I had to choose though, I would say I see Scorn as a mainstream title in the independent market. Scorn will be classified in a variety of ways but the fans will ultimately determine the direction of Scorn.

Scorn reflects the harsh reality of how current society has evolved.”
—Nick Defina

JD: What are some of the Canadian titles that stand out among the others and that we in the USA should keep an eye on?

ND: There are many Canadian publishers with great titles it’s hard to narrow down the ones that standout. Some of the works I am currently following are Arcana Studio’s Kade, DMF Comics’ Silent Leaves, and Udon Comics’ Street Fighter. All these titles are worth a read.

JD: Scorn is a story with emotion and a realistic insight with violence in today’s society. How important was it to have a creative team such as Moyers and Neundorf?

ND: It’s very important to have a creative team such as Moyers and Neundorf. They both have a unique outlook on life with very diverse experiences. These experiences are illustrated through the story as well as the distinctive gritty art style in Scorn. Kevin uses real life city events to convey the setting and the mood of Scorn. From a personal insight Kevin Moyers had the following to say:

    “I grew up in Chicago, Philipp Neundorf grew up in Berlin, and David Hayes grew up in Detroit, so we've all seen our share of violence. Hell, Berlin was cut in half by a giant wall for how long? What Dave and I saw was more street violence growing up. It helps to know it in order to create it.” — Kevin Moyers

JD: What would you like to say to Scorn readers?

ND: Scorn is a book that is filled with emotion and it can be seen through the amazing artwork of Philipp Neundorf. It’s a story of how an individual takes matters into his own hands when no one else would. Scorn reflects the harsh reality of how current society has evolved. It’s an amazing tale and we are proud to have Scorn as our debut title.

In the words of Kevin Moyers (creator of Scorn) “See it for what it is: a story with heart. It’s not cold and full of corny one line cracks from the hero. It's realistic. So, sit back, crack it open and enjoy.”