Review: The Waking #1-4

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The Waking #1-4

Posted 03 Mar 2011

Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Vic Drujiniu, Talent Caldwell (cover)
Colors: Mark Roberts, Nei Ruffino (cover)
Publisher: Zenescope

 5.00 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed by Sara Michelle Kowalczyk

Spoiler Alert! Attack of the Zombie Strippers!

Okay, that’s misleading. This may be a zombie book with strippers on the cover but there are NO actual zombie strippers inside. Sorry boys, I used Talent Caldwell’s “Dead Man’s Lap Dance” exclusive to get you interested. Although, The Waking is so B.A. you don’t need zombie strippers. As a loyal Raven Gregory fan, I can say his four part zombie mini-series is even better than Callie’s misadventures in the dark, twisted trilogy of Zenescope’s Wonderland.

The Waking is a must read for Zenescope, horror, and oozing, flesh hungry corpse fans alike. It has blood, guts, zombies, girls in towels, sex, and swearing; all the ingredients of a good horror story. However, Raven’s version is more than a brain-eating cheesefest. It’s a re-invention of the zombie genre. Raven’s book conveys suspense, humor, and sadness. It also depicts a unique cast of characters. The Waking is a refreshing take on moaning, undead ghouls.

Basically, The Waking is a supernatural ability you have, almost like a sixth sense. Think of the kid in The Shining movie, except rather than having visions of the dead, the waking re-animates the dead. For instance, Jonathan Raine’s character is similar to a necromancer. He uses his waking powers to raise the deceased from their graves. Yet, the zombies in Raven’s comic are not just staggering, decaying monsters. They are people who were murdered and were awakened to avenge their killers. Clearly, Mr. Gregory proves he can write an original zombie story that’s different from everything else.

As far as the art goes, industry leading artists like Eric Basaldua, J. Scott Campbell, and Talent Caldwell designed scary sexy covers and exclusives for The Waking. Nei Ruffino’s gorgeous work on colors brings this talented trio’s cover girls to life. Eric Basaldua’s issue #3 “Zombie Buffet!” exclusive gives new meaning to the term “buffet table.” For those of you who haven’t seen it, picture a hot brunette sitting in a bin of blood surrounded by body parts and entrails with “Come and Get it” slashed into her chest and stomach. Inside the book, Vic Drujiniu and Mark Roberts team up to make Raven’s morbid tale come alive (well, kind of).

The Waking has an ending you won’t see coming like a head shot to a zombie. So pick it up if you dare!