Review: Next Gen Warz #1

Interview with Ace Masters

Next Gen Warz #1

Posted 03 Mar 2011

Writer: Ryan Kinnaird
Artist: Ryan Kinnaird

 4.50 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed by Sara Michelle Kowalczyk

I was so excited when I saw this comic because I’m such a fan of Ryan Kinnaird. He draws really cute, futuristic Anime inspired pin-up girls. I loved his other books, Mystic Edge and X-Men: Phoenix: Legacy of Fire.

Next Gen Warz is a humorous parody about the war between next generation video game systems (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3). Except in Ryan’s comic, the consoles aren’t flat, square-shaped machines. They’re voluptuous, cybernetic ladies that literally embody the real-life models, and they’re custom built in revealing, skin tight suits. In the comic, they’re called the Foxbox 630 and the Esexy 3. You start them up by pushing a big, circular or rectangular LED button on their backs, which kind of reminds me of the program disks in Tron: Legacy.

After Gamerstud328 can’t choose between his Foxbox 630 and his Esexy 3, the gaming goddesses challenge each other to an all out battle of video game supremacy in the virtual world of Gamespace. There they summon characters from their exclusive titles like “Madame Mistress from Helo 3” (Master Chief from Halo), “Craitia, Goddess of Conflict” (Kratos from God of War), and “Vicious Viper from Metal Cog Vicious 4” (Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid). Ryan sets up the next issue for these characters to shoot, frag, use energy/bubble shields, Soul Summon, attack with Olympic Fury, melee, and activate their OctoCamo suits for some serious CQC (close quarters combat).

Craitia was my favorite. She looked super cute in Kratos’ signature white body paint and blood red tattoos. However, instead of the loin cloth, she wears panties, thigh highs, and a garter belt. She wields the Blades of Chaos. Vicious Viper was cute too in Solid Snake’s trademark headband, form-fitting stealth suit, and cigarette smoldering from her lips. Ryan hints at adding an adorable pixie inspired Wii system in issue #2.

I have to give Mr. Kinnaird credit for having the creativity to make Next Gen Warz. I would have never thought of turning my Xbox 360 into a hot girl or transforming manly male characters into sexy female characters. The only thing I didn’t like about this comic was the Foxbox 630’s red and yellow outfit. She should have been white, green, and black! The Esexy3 simulated a PS3 (she wore a sleek black and silver suit), and the Wii girl resembled a Nintendo (her costume was light blue and she had pink, LED wings), but the Foxbox 630 colors didn’t look like an Xbox at all. Ryan could have even put purple on her uniform for Kinect, but red and yellow?

I’m interested to see what’s going to happen in the next issue. Since the Esexy3 played two of her exclusive characters, that means the Foxbox 630 should enlist a female version of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. What will she look like? Will the Wii summon a female Mario, Link, or Kirby? Who will win the Next Gen War? We’ll have to wait ‘til the February 2011 release date to find out!