Review: Hack/Slash #30

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Hack/Slash #30

Posted 03 Mar 2011

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Daniel Leister
Colors: Mark Englert, Rachelle Rosenberg (cover)
Publisher: DDP

 5.00 out of 5 Stars

Reviewed by Sara Michelle Kowalczyk

When I saw this cover by Dan Leister, I was sold. You don’t usually come across a cover with a sexy goth chick holding a bat saying “Kiss It.” Nevermind the bloody chainsaw or machete hanging in the background like gruesome ornaments. The girl’s top reads “Romero” which I’m pretty sure is a nod to zombie film legend George A. Romero. The saw’s inscribed with “The Saw is Family,” an allusion to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. As a Zenescope fan, I loved Dan’s dark, distorted vision of the Wonderland Trilogy. His cover and name on the roster persuaded me to give Mr. Seeley’s Hack/Slash a try.

On the inside cover, there’s a brief bio of the main character, Cassie Hack. She’s a slasher hunting bad a** in a schoolgirl skirt and fishnets. Her partner, Vlad, is one of those big, gentle giant type monsters. However, he’s also intelligent like Beast in the X-Men. Page one begins with a shot of the Corporal Punishment Club A.K.A. a member’s only brothel. Three ladies dressed up as Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman (the Halle Berry version) are punishing a dude wearing a costume. The madame who owns the club, Sister Sacrilege, is a character who plays an important role later on in the story.

Cut to a teenage kid forming a team of superheroes. After finding the “godbox,” a device that grants superpowers, he believes his dreams of becoming a comic book hero are finally coming true. Unfortunately, a jack-o-lantern masked slasher reminiscent of Pumpkinhead gets to him first. Cassie and Vlad are called in by Alan Knight and Sister Sacrilege, a former superhero herself, to hunt the guy down and save the remaining teens. The Halloween themed villain’s name, appropriately, is Samhain.

Hack/Slash is a fun, fast-paced, blood-soaked slaughterfest written by a master of horror. I can see why it’s got such a cult following. I’m sad this was the first issue I picked up because the series has recently been bought out by Image. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the coloring. Mark Englert’s shading on the character’s faces looked weird, especially on Cassie and Sister Sacrilege. They would’ve looked a lot better without the crazy orange splotches on their faces and cleavage. Sorry Mr. Englert, but rather than complementing Dan’s art like Rachelle Rosenberg did, your odd choice of color ruined it.

If you’re a horror fan let Hack/Slash fulfill your gore obsessed needs. Get your copy before it’s too late!