May 032013
Episode 25: Don't Blink -- An Interview with Bill Oberst, Jr.

In episode 25 of Slabbed: The Podcast Without Fear, Matt puts our subtitle to the test by chatting with horror icon Bill Oberst Jr., seen by millions as the Facebook stalker in the terrifying short film/Facebook App Take This Lollipop. Bill has become a zombie-hunting president in Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, an ice cold hired killer in Assassins, a pathos-saturated ax murderer in Ditch, [...]

Apr 202013
Episode 24: Live With Pizza

A rare public showing of Slabbed’s resident comic geeks in their preferred habitat: a pizza parlour. Some of the topics covered include the comic scene in Jordan, an inside look at work as an extra on Iron Man 3, some Walking Dead, Marvel’s “story so far” page, and Remender’s Captain America. Recorded live on March 30, 2013.  

Apr 032013
Episode 23: Natural Domesticated Killers

In episode 23, Danny, Matt, and Lou talk about how Matt’s adorable, sweet cats are actualy crazy-ass maniac serial killers, nerdy names for pets, and why some nerds don’t do brackets. Listen right here, or look us up on iTunes, Podkicker, Blubbrry, and now Stitcher! If you listen on Stitcher, make sure to tweet and share [...]

Mar 172013
Episode 22: A Clean Box Is A Happy Box

In a host full episode 22, Danny, Matt, and Lou go the round on the virtues of Grant Morrison, why DC needs to tell shorter stories, the outer limits of depressing cinema, and the death of Damien Wayne . . . oh, and Moon Knight. For some goddamn reason Danny brings up Moon Knight. Listen [...]

Mar 092013
Episode 21:Superhero Alimony

In episode 21, editor Lou Vitela sits in for Matt as he and Danny discuss time travel movies and the internal consistency of Back to the Future, Grant Morrison’s Batman run, the quality of the recent Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, and Danny’s wife running off with Tony Stark. Listen right here, or look us up [...]

Feb 272013
Episode 20: Jesus Christ, Comic Book Star

In Slabbed: The Podcast Without Fear, episode 20, Danny and Matt celebrate their 20th episode by talking about the past and present of Bill Sienkiewicz, the Superman/Orson Scott Card controversy, Steve Young’e ancestry, and whether Jesus really is all right with me. Listen right here, or look us up on iTunes, Podkicker, Blubbrry, and now Stitcher! If you listen on Stitcher, make [...]

Feb 162013
Episode 19: Why Everyone Should Own a Batmobile, or A Brief History of People Who Can Go F*** Themselves

In Slabbed: The Podcast Without Fear, episode 19, Danny and Matt send-up the extreme end of free information; people who prefer their artists destitute and starving; and DC Comics, for being so goddamn sue-happy. Listen right here, or look us up on iTunes, Podkicker, Blubbrry, and now Stitcher! If you listen on Stitcher, make sure to tweet and share that you [...]

Feb 052013
Episode 18: Brooklyn Night Ain't Jay-Z's Mascot

On Slabbed: The Podcast Without Fear episode 18, Danny and Matt talk about how a simple misspelling while looking up the Brooklyn Nets mascot might end up spicing up your evening, how sports and comics DO mix, the universal connections in Quentin Tarantino’s movies, and, of course, the best, silliest, craziest, and worst of the [...]

Jan 242013
Episode 17: An Interview with Walter Koenig!

In episode 17 of Slabbed! The Podcast Without Fear (@SlabbedPodcast), Matt and Lou* talk with the one and only Walter Koenig about his new graphic novel Things To Come (Bluewater), the similarities and differences between working on Star Trek and Babylon 5, what Harlen Ellison is really like, the ultimate destiny for the human race, [...]

Jan 172013
Episode 16: Runnin' Through The Temple - An Interview with David Hedgecock

In episode 16, Danny and Matt talk with David Hedgecock, CEO of Ape Entertainment, the company responsible for the blockbuster Temple Run Comic app for iOS, fan-favorite The Black Coat, Kung-Fu Panda, Shrek, and the upcoming relaunch of Poison Elves! We discuss what it is like to be head honcho of a successful comic book publishing company [...]